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@@ -867,6 +867,9 @@ arguments. The third argument is a string that specifies how to
capture method arguments and assign them to the following VALUE
+You can just check the argument number with rb_check_arity(), this is
+handy in the case you want to treat the arguments as a list.
The following is an example of a method that takes arguments by Ruby's
@@ -1360,6 +1363,12 @@ rb_define_singleton_method(VALUE klass, const char *name, VALUE (*func)(), int a
Defines a singleton method. Arguments are same as rb_define_method().
+rb_check_arity(int argc, int min, int max) ::
+ Check the number of arguments, argc is in the range of min..max. If
+ max is UNLIMITED_ARGUMENTS, upper bound is not checked. If argc is
+ out of bounds, an ArgumentError will be raised.
rb_scan_args(int argc, VALUE *argv, const char *fmt, ...) ::
Retrieve argument from argc and argv to given VALUE references