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authorKazuki Yamaguchi <k@rhe.jp>2016-03-17 18:30:02 +0900
committerKazuki Yamaguchi <k@rhe.jp>2016-04-01 01:20:10 +0900
commit4124dc8714f0d6e8f9b19cc138d630291292a846 (patch)
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parentf0060b81c672e5f80ffed1b3a979d218b49e1021 (diff)
improve git repository detectionfix/git-worktree-detection
* configure.in (AC_CONFIG_FILES): $srcdir/.git can be a file pointing the real git_dir, such as when the git working tree is a "linked working tree" (a working tree created by git-worktree). So use git-rev-parse --git-dir to check if $srcdir is the top-level of a git repository, not just checking if the $srcdir/.git directory does exist or not. * tool/change_maker.rb: use tool/vcs.rb to detect VCS. This used to have its own VCS detection code, while we have tool/vcs.rb. * tool/vcs.rb (detect): remove code duplication
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 8 deletions
diff --git a/tool/vcs.rb b/tool/vcs.rb
index 4d8936cb54..0f20c6e35a 100644
--- a/tool/vcs.rb
+++ b/tool/vcs.rb
@@ -73,15 +73,11 @@ class VCS
def self.detect(path)
@@dirs.each do |dir, klass, pred|
- if pred ? pred[path, dir] : File.directory?(File.join(path, dir))
- return klass.new(path)
- end
- prev = path
+ curr = path
loop {
- curr = File.realpath(File.join(prev, '..'))
- break if curr == prev # stop at the root directory
- return klass.new(path) if File.directory?(File.join(curr, dir))
- prev = curr
+ return klass.new(curr) if pred ? pred[curr, dir] : File.directory?(File.join(curr, dir))
+ prev, curr = curr, File.realpath(File.join(curr, '..'))
+ break if curr == prev # stop at the root directory
raise VCS::NotFoundError, "does not seem to be under a vcs: #{path}"